Mt. Tebek snow festival 일상 생활 이야기

I went to the Mt. Tebek Snow Festival last Saturday. It was a one day trip and I went with a meet-up group. This group is online and I joined them recently. They always have many interesting activities. This time those who came for the trip were very international. They came from different countries. This group astonished me for their diversity. They are soldiers, photographers, engineers, English teachers, and tourists.
As it was the first day of the festival many people came. It was rather overwhelming that we could easily miss each other. Almost a thousand buses were already parked at the parking lot. This festival will go on until next month.
It took four hours to get to the festival site from Seoul. We made our rest stop in between. I bought some more snacks during the time. This is because once we hike, I might get hungry.
I had to wake up as early as half past five. Our meet up time was quarter past eight. It was very tiring. This is because I had to take a subway and still had to travel for two hours. I walked for fifteen minutes to the subway station. It was dark outside.
Once we got to the festival site, some preferred to stay at the site and others went hiking. We had to divide the group. I joined the team who wanted to go hiking. In my bag pack, I had crampons, ski gloves, a pair of fresh socks, some snacks and water. All of them were so useful. The crampons were absolutely needed. Without it I would have slipped many times as I climb. I only got to know some of them amongst the group. Most of them are first comers and they came by themselves. This group embodies global friendship and adventure. The hiking trail was mild that it does not require many difficulties.
The entrance of the hiking trail was really beautiful.
I saw exotic scenes of the forest with trees that are stretched far out.
We hiked upward for about an hour and came down to take some pictures by the ice sculptures. It was minus nine degrees at the festival site when we came down from the trail. As people came down, they used packing sheets as a sleigh. It fastened them to come down. The most memorable sculpture was Psy, the singer. Many people posed in front of it. I am really thankful that I have made it to this event. I got to know some people and shared e-mail addresses with them. This event gave me a chance to network. I only felt tired when I came home. I enjoyed this event so much. I was also once in an igloo cafe. It was my first time being inside of an  igloo. It was warmer than I thought but it is not recommendable to sleep there. Unless, I will ever become an inuit.


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